How and When Should I Massage My Breasts After Augmentation? By Stuart Baker on April 20, 2020

Attractive female places hands under a compression garment that supports her breastsBreast augmentation is designed to enhance the symmetry, contour, and size of breasts. The cosmetic procedure remains one of the most popular body contouring procedures in the United States.

Following your breast augmentation, Dr. Stuart Baker or a member of our medical team will provide detailed recovery guidelines that may include directions to massage your breasts daily for the first few months after breast augmentation. Visit our office in in Monticello, IL, or one of our other two office locations to learn more.

Benefits of Massage after Breast Augmentation

Massaging your breasts after augmentation surgery delivers medical and aesthetic benefits.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is an undesirable complication that can result from not properly massaging the breasts after surgery. In rare cases, the soft tissue that surrounds the implants can shrink and harden. This can make the implant feel hard and painful to touch.

The exact cause of the complication is not known, but theories suggest that the hardening of the outside of the implants is due to the body’s reaction to the foreign object. Following breast augmentation, your body’s immune system will respond to the breast implants.

By following your recovery guidelines and properly massaging your breasts on a daily basis, you can greatly lower your risk of experiencing capsular contracture. Massaging the implants is believed to help prevent the capsule that surrounds the implant from hardening.

Breast Implant Settling

You may have heard of the “drop and fluff” process that occurs after breast implant augmentation. In the days and weeks following your breast augmentation surgery, your breast implant will begin to drop into a more natural position. After a few months, the implant will have reached its ideal position.

The fluffing (filing out) of a breast implant typically occurs after the drop. You can promote and support this important process by massaging your breast on a daily basis for the first few months after surgery.

How to Properly Massage Your Breasts

Following your breast augmentation, you will be given detailed instructions that will describe how often to massage your breasts. These instructions will be based on the type of implants that you received.

How Soon Do I Start?

In general, your breast massage routine should begin within a few days following surgery. Massaging your breast may not be on the top of your mind as you deal with bruising, swelling, and other common side effects, but the practice is most important while you are recovering.

Common Massaging Techniques

Massaging your breasts three times a day during the first month of recovery will go a long way toward ensuring that your breasts do not harden or settle improperly. Popular massaging techniques include:

  • Cupping your hands over your breasts (one or both at a time) then pressing downward before pushing the breasts upward
  • Pushing your breasts toward the middle of your chest and holding them in their extended position for a few seconds
  • Placing one open hand on each side of the breast and squeezing the breast
  • Grabbing the shoulder on the opposite side with your hand so your arm presses the breast

Massaging your breast will leave them feeling sore, but the exercise should never be painful.

Schedule Your Breast Augmentation Consultation Today

Dr. Baker is a highly respected plastic surgeon who has practiced medicine since 1980. His many years of experience allow Dr. Baker to reshape your bustline while maintaining natural-looking results. By massaging your breasts after surgery and following your recovery guidelines, you can lower your risk of side effects while enhancing your cosmetic results.

To schedule your breast augmentation consultation, please contact our office online or call (217) 378-8000.

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