Sleeping Position after Breast Augmentation By Stuart Baker on March 15, 2020

Female lies on her back with her head reclined as she sleepsA healthy recovery following breast augmentation surgery can ensure reduce the severity of side effects and the risk of complications. Following your recovery guidelines can also ensure that you enjoy optimal cosmetic results after breast augmentation.

In addition to eating a healthy diet and avoiding strenuous activities, your sleeping position is an important factor that can impact your recovery after breast augmentation. At The Center For Cosmetic Medicine in Decatur, IL, we discuss the best sleeping positions after breast augmentation surgery.

Why Sleeping Position Is Important after Surgery?

A good night’s sleep is an important part of any recovery. While individual patients have their own preferred sleep positions, special considerations should be made during recovery. The position of your body during recovery can affect how quickly your incisions heal and how cosmetically pleasing your final results are.

Sleeping on Your Back Is Best

No matter what your preferred sleeping position is, sleeping on your back during recovery is widely considered to be the safest and preferred position. Sleeping on your back poses the least risk of disturbing or placing pressure on your implants while the surrounding tissues heal.

You should maintain this sleeping position as long as possible as you recover. If you find this position disruptive to your sleep cycle, try intermittently sleeping on your side.


Beyond sleeping on one’s back, patients should rest with their upper torso slightly elevated relative to their legs, especially during the first few days after surgery. This position can help reduce swelling and pressure on the implants while they heal.

Can I Sleep on My Side or Stomach?

Patients who sleep on their side or stomach may be uncomfortable due to the recent surgery and new presence of implants.

Sleeping on the side or stomach also places the implants in unnatural positions. The only position that allows the implants to rest in their ideal position at night is on one’s back.

Tips to Improve Your Comfort

A restful night of sleep can promote healing. Sleep can even help reduce post-operative discomfort.

Adjust Your Sleeping Position ahead of Time

In the days and weeks leading up to your surgery, begin sleeping on your back. This way, you will adapt to the position if you are not used to it.

Invest in Pillows and Comfortable Linens

Placing pillows on either side of your body can help you stay stationary while you rest at night. You will be spending extra time in your bed, especially during the first week after surgery. Investing in quality blankets, linens, and pillows can make the experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Other tips for a restful night of sleep include:

  • Cutting back on caffeine in the evening
  • Cutting off electronic devices one hour before sleeping
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Eating a plant-based diet that is low in sugar
  • Cutting out all sources of light
  • Using ambient noise (like a fan) at night

Schedule Your Breast Augmentation Today

By putting a little thought into your post-operative environment, you can enjoy a healthy and speedy recovery. Quality sleep is critical to recovery. Our doctors can provide additional advice on how to enjoy a good night’s sleep while you recover.

To schedule your breast augmentation, please contact our office online or call (217) 378-8000. We serve patients in Decatur and surrounding areas.

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