Skin Dimpling After Liposuction: Why It Happens and What Can Be Done About It By Stuart Baker on August 18, 2014

A woman's lower torso and hipsPatients who want to look their absolute best can rely on the experts here at The Center for Cosmetic Medicine. Dr. Stuart Baker has assisted countless patients throughout the greater Decatur and Champaign in achieving a slimmer, trimmer, and more appealing frame. Body contouring results such as these are often achieved through liposuction, a safe and effective means for reducing the amount of fat in problem areas of a patient's body, such as the abdominal area, the buttocks, the thighs, the upper arms, and even parts of the face.

A number of patients have asked us about the issue of skin dimpling after undergoing liposuction. Since there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about skin dimpling, we'd like to take a moment right now to consider these matters and what they may mean to you.

What does skin dimpling refer to?

Skin dimpling after liposuction refers to the appearance of bumps or dimples in the skin similar to cellulite. This issue can affect both the appearance and texture of the patient's skin, resulting in issues with smoothness in the treatment area.

What causes skin dimpling to occur after liposuction?

In general terms, skin dimpling is the result of uneven distribution of the remaining fat cells in the treatment area. The skin shrinks around these fat cells after liposuction and in doing so creates the unsightly bumps.

More specifically, the following are likely to cause dimpling to occur:

  • Too Much Fat Removal - When too much fat is removed from the treatment area, the chances of poor fat distribution are more likely
  • Very Rapid Fat Removal - Similarly, when the fat is removed too quickly during liposuction, even contouring of the treatment area is less likely
  • Weight Fluctuations After Liposuction - Gaining or losing weight after liposuction can lead to issues with fat distribution
  • Loose Skin Prior to Liposuction - When patients have loose skin as a result of age or major weight loss, dimpling is more likely after liposuction
  • Presence of Cellulite Near Treatment Area - If there is cellulite near or around the liposuction treatment area, the likelihood of dimpling goes up

Does skin dimpling pose any medical dangers?

Thankfully no. Skin dimpling is purely an aesthetic problem and leads to no medical issues whatsoever.

Treatments for Skin Dimpling After Liposuction

Should dimpling occur after liposuction, the following treatments may be considered:

  • Laser skin tightening
  • Fat transfer injections
  • Radiofrequency treatments
  • Ultrasound treatments
  • Massage

The best treatment for you and your needs can be discussed during the consultation process.

Prevention of Skin Dimpling After Liposuction

Dr. Baker takes care when performing liposuction, removing a conservative, carefully considered amount of fat from the treatment area, and doing so in a slow and meticulous manner. This reduces the chances of skin dimpling occurring as a result of poor surgery.

Patients are advised to maintain a stable weight after liposuction, which means eating right, exercising, and staying well hydrated. Following your pre-op and post-op instructions to the letter will also help ensure reduced chances of dimpling after liposuction.

Contact Our Practice About Your Body Contouring Options

If you are interested in undergoing liposuction and would like to find out if the treatment would be an ideal option for you and your aesthetic goals, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center today. Dr. Baker and his entire team look forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the very best results.

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