What to Expect after Breast Reduction Surgery By Stuart Baker on April 21, 2013

Springfield Breast Reduction RecoveryBreast augmentation surgery is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries around the world. However, increasing the breast size is not the goal of all of our patients. In fact, a large number of patients come to Dr. Stuart Baker’s Springfield plastic surgery practice seeking breast reduction. Breast reduction surgery allows women to restore proportion to the figure and eliminate or greatly reduce pain from back, neck, or shoulder aches. Breast reduction is performed more often than most realize, and the procedure offers women an increase motion of movement and improved comfort. However, breast reduction is a major cosmetic surgery and it is important for patients to fully understand the entire surgical procedure (including what to expect before, during, and after surgery) before committing to a breast reduction.

As with all of the plastic surgeries performed at our practice, Dr. Baker is sure to inform his Springfield patients on what to expect from breast reduction recovery. Breast reduction recovery will require specific care instructions and physical restrictions that can last for up to six weeks after surgery. Knowing what to expect during this time prepares our patients and makes the recovery go more smoothly. Following is some general information regarding different aspects of breast reduction recovery.

  • Dressings and bandages: Following breast reduction surgery, the incision site will be wrapped in dressings or bandages. There is likely to be a small, thin tube to collect any draining blood or fluid. The patient will be given a support bra to reduce swelling and support the breasts during recovery. Dr. Baker will provide specific instructions on the care and/or changing of these bandages and garments.
  • Medication: Patients will be prescribed medication to control pain and fight infection. Specific instructions will be given regarding dosage and the use of medication.
  • Side effects: It is common for women to experience side effects following breast reduction surgery. These side effects are likely to be the strongest within the first few days following surgery and should gradually improve as the healing continues. The most common side effects of breast reduction surgery include swelling, bruising, pain, and tenderness.
  • Physical limitations: Patients are encouraged to get up and walk around the day after surgery. This activity should be continued regularly but more strenuous activities are restricted. Patients should avoid lifting, pulling, pushing, stretching, and any other activity that could put strain on the upper body. These limitations will be in place for up to six weeks with most patients being able to return to a somewhat normal routine within a week or two.
  • Scars: Scars will start out a red or bright pink color and will fade gradually. It can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months for scars to heal completely. While the surgical scars will always be visible, they should fade to a much more discreet shade.

As the body recovers and the results of surgery become apparent, women find that they are able to enjoy the freedom of a physically active lifestyle without the aches or strain of heavy breasts.

Alternate Treatment

Women who are happy with the size of the breasts but not the position of the breasts may consider alternate treatment. For some of our patients in Springfield, breast lift surgery can create a perkier and more youthful appearance of the breasts without significantly decreasing the breast size.

Schedule a Consultation

There is no need to live with the physical limitations of overly heavy, dense breasts. Whether the size of your breasts is creating physical or emotional discomfort, schedule a consultation with Dr. Stuart Baker to learn how breast reduction surgery can help, giving you the ideal size and proportion for your body type. 

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