Preparing for Eyelid Surgery: Pre-Op Patient Tips By Stuart Baker on January 30, 2018

A woman looking upCosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can help you look years younger and more refreshed. The best results come thanks to proper surgical planning and good pre-op and post-op care. That's why our Champaign, IL practice provides detailed instructions to facial cosmetic surgery patients on how to prepare for surgery and what to expect during recovery.

Right now we’d like to consider some important matters regarding eyelid surgery preparation. By following these tips, you can prevent infection as other complications from occurring.

Avoid Using Tobacco Products

Smoking and chewing tobacco is bad for your health in general. If you’re about to undergo surgery, it can be ever worse for you. Smokers experience a greater risk of infection, and tend to take longer to heal than non-smokers. Be sure to avoid tobacco for a few weeks prior to surgery, and continue to abstain for at least a few weeks after as well.

Avoid Consuming Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages can have a similar negative impact on healing as tobacco products. Be on the safe side. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages for a few weeks prior to surgery and for a few weeks after the surgery is completed.

Stop Taking Certain Medications and Supplements

If you take blood thinners, this could make healing after surgery more difficult. Prior to the procedure, your surgeon may instruct you to avoid taking your prescription drugs, aspirin, and dietary supplements just to make sure the surgery and your recovery are not negatively affected.

Have Sunglasses and Prescription Glasses Ready

If you wear contacts, you won’t be able to wear them for at least 10 days after surgery. Be sure to have a pair of prescription glasses around to use as needed.

When going outdoors, sunglasses are essential. They protect your eyes from the effects of the sun and keep you covered while out in public. Get a pair of shades before surgery if you don’t have some already.

Run Errands Before the Date of Surgery

In the week or so leading up to your eyelid surgery, be sure to run basic errands ahead of time. This includes filling prescriptions, buying groceries, doing laundry, and making sure you have any supplies you need for recovery. Better to get this done ahead of time than to wait for the last minute.

Arrange for a Loved One to Help You as You Heal

Be sure to arrange for transportation to and from your surgery, and to have a loved one agree to stay with you during the first days of recovery. Their moral support and presence could be essential as you’re resting and dealing with discomfort.

What to Do the Night Before Eyelid Surgery

The night before eyelid surgery, be sure to follow any special washing/bathing instructions provided by your surgeon. Get a good night’s rest.

What to Do the Day of Eyelid Surgery

On the day of surgery, be sure to avoid wearing makeup, lotion, perfume/cologne, and facial creams. Leave jewelry and accessories at home. Come to the practice dressed in loose, comfortable clothing.

Learn More About Eyelid Surgery

For more information about preparing for eyelid surgery and improving your overall surgical results, be sure to contact a skilled plastic surgeon today. The team at The Center for Cosmetic Medicine is here to help you achieve excellent results.

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