The Relationship between Plastic Surgery and Age By Stuart Baker on September 13, 2017

A woman in her 50s, with smoother facial skin after plastic surgeryAt The Center For Cosmetic Medicine, Dr. Stuart Baker proudly provides a comprehensive range of plastic surgery procedures, from minimally invasive facial plastic surgery treatments to state-of-the-art breast enhancement and body contouring, of the highest caliber. His patients include men and women of varying ages, from those in their early 20s to those in their 70s and beyond.

While there are relatively few plastic surgery procedures, particularly of the cosmetic variety, that are appropriate for children (otoplasty being a notable exception), there is otherwise no set age limit for plastic surgery candidates. Indeed, when discussing the issue of plastic surgery and age during consultations at his Decatur, IL practice, Dr. Baker is careful to stress that age is more relevant to the expectations one must establish going into surgery than to candidacy. A good candidate for any given procedure is a good candidate regardless of age.

If you are interested in learning whether you are a good candidate for plastic surgery of the face, breast, or body, whether you are 25, 75, or somewhere in between, we encourage you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Stuart Baker today.

What Is the Relationship between Plastic Surgery and Age?

As stated above, candidacy for plastic surgery is not dictated by age. If a patient is sufficiently healthy to undergo a surgical procedure and otherwise meets the criteria for candidacy unique to that procedure, then he or she will most likely be able to proceed with surgery regardless of his or her age.

However, part of being considered a good candidate for plastic surgery is the ability to establish realistic and reasonable expectations for the outcome of a given procedure. For instance, a patient who undergoes a mini facelift in her mid-30s to address the early signs of aging in the lower face could realistically achieve an appearance very similar to that which she had in her mid- to late-20s. A patient in her 60s, however, could undergo a full facelift and achieve extremely dramatic results, taking 10 to 15 years off of her appearance; yet, she could never hope to look as she did in her mid- to late-20s again. It would be impossible for her to look as she did in her mid- to late-30s again, realistically. That simply isn’t how facial plastic surgery works.

People have less skin elasticity as they age. Likewise, their bodies heal less efficiently and respond to various stimuli differently. As a result, while patients of any age can expect to achieve significant rejuvenating results from any procedure for which they are suitable candidates, those expectations must be tempered by a realistic understanding of how their bodies work. Plastic surgery can turn back the hands of the clock only so far.

Learn More about Plastic Surgery and Age

If you would like to learn more about the relationship between plastic surgery and age, or if you wish to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Stuart Baker, please contact The Center For Cosmetic Medicine today.

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