Preparing for Plastic Surgery: Why It's Important By Stuart Baker on August 13, 2017

A woman undergoing body contouring surgeryHealing begins before a plastic surgery procedure is even performed. That's why pre-op instructions and prep are important parts of the process. Proper prep in the weeks before your surgery can help prevent complications, reduce the severity of side effects, and improve your overall experience during recovery.

Patients who come to our Decatur plastic surgery center receive ample information on what to do before their surgery even begins, whether it's a facial procedure or a body contouring and sculpting procedure. Below is some basic information about pre-op care. More detailed instructions will be provided during a consultation.

Avoid Tobacco Products

Cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco can slow down your recovery and increase your risk of infection. In the weeks before surgery, be sure to avoid using tobacco products; avoid tobacco products in the week after surgery as well. This could be a convenient excuse to kick the habit for good.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol can have a similar impact on recovery as tobacco products. Be sure to abstain from alcohol before surgery and after surgery to improve your overall healing experience.

Abstain from Certain Medications

Blood thinners, aspirin, supplements, and other kinds of drugs can have a negative impact on recovery. It's important that you abstain from certain kinds of medications before you undergo surgery, and similarly avoid certain drugs and supplements following the procedure as well.

Schedule Time Off from Work

Rest means wellness after surgery. Be sure to arrange for time off before your procedure is performed. The exact amount of time can vary from procedure to procedure.

Fill Prescriptions, Run Errands, Buy Groceries

In the lead up to surgery, it's important that you run errands and get things done ahead of time. That means filling prescriptions, buying groceries, doing laundry, and so forth. Doing this ahead of time can lead to less stress and rushing after the surgery is performed.

Arrange for Transportation

Sedation and anesthesia will leave you feeling groggy and drowsy after surgery. In addition, surgical dressings and the nature of certain procedures might impact your vision, ability to turn your head, and general mobility. For safety, it's important that you arrange for transportation on the day of your surgery. Having someone to help you home just makes sense.

Have a Loved One with You for Healing

After surgery, it's helpful to have a loved one with you as your recover. This is especially true of the first few days after surgery. This loved one can help with tasks around the home and offer emotional support as you're dealing with the side effects of surgery. This company can be invaluable during this crucial time.

What to Do the Morning of Your Surgery

Before coming to the practice, you will often be given specific instructions with regard to food/fasting, soap to use, and washing.

Patients should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to the practice, and also avoid wearing jewelry, lotion, makeup, and perfume/cologne of any kind. Patients should feel calm and relaxed heading to the practice, and be in a positive state of mind.

Discuss Your Procedure with a Skilled Plastic Surgeon

For more information about plastic surgery procedures and how they can help you look your best, be sure to contact an experienced plastic surgeon today. Our team will work with you to ensure optimal results that leave you looking your very best.

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