Getting Back to Exercise after Plastic Surgery By Stuart Baker on February 14, 2017

Woman stretchingWhether the problem is loose skin, stubborn fat deposits, or a combination of these imperfections, many people find it difficult to achieve their ideal figure, despite the effort that is put in to a healthy diet and exercise routine. Body contouring surgery removes excess fat and tightens the skin to enhance the tone and shape of the body. After undergoing body contouring treatment, most patients are eager to start an exercise routine that will help them maintain the results of surgery.

While exercise is a healthy habit that is highly encouraged by plastic surgeon Stuart Baker, patients need to be careful about how quickly they can resume exercising after undergoing plastic surgery. Dr. Baker is happy to discuss suitable guidelines for an exercise timeline after plastic surgery that will allow his Decatur, IL patients to enjoy the benefits of physical activity in a safe manner that doesn’t increase the risk of surgical complications.

The First 24 to 48 Hours of Recovery

No matter what type of plastic surgery a patient undergoes, the first 24 to 48 hours of recovery are likely to be the most uncomfortable. It is important that patients rest and refrain from exerting the body during this early stage of recovery.

The First Two Weeks of Recovery

Even after the first 48 hours of recovery, patients will probably feel worn down. This is the phase of recovery when side effects such as bruising, swelling, and discomfort are likely to be the most noticeable. Still, it is important to begin some activity during these first two weeks of recovery. Dr. Baker recommends starting with slow-paced walks. These walks can be as short as a lap around the living room. The primary goal during these first two weeks of recovery should be working on building up stamina and energy by gradually increasing the length and number of walks that are taken each day.

Weeks Three to Four of Recovery

By three to four weeks after surgery, most patients are feeling back to their old selves. They should be back to work and other routine activities by this point. Patients will need to continue to practice restraint when it comes to their exercise routine. It is okay to pick up the pace with walking, increase distance, and maybe even throw in some other light cardio activities or light weight lifting. However, running, heavy weight lifting, and other strenuous activities are still off-limits at this point.

Six to Eight Weeks of Recovery

Each plastic surgery procedure is unique, as is each patient’s recovery experience, so patients will need to get the final okay from Dr. Baker before resuming a more strenuous exercise routine. Depending on each person’s situation, this permission is usually granted between six and eight weeks after plastic surgery.

Schedule an Appointment

A smooth recovery is vital to ensuring that patients achieve their aesthetic goals regarding plastic surgery. If you are considering cosmetic treatment and have questions about exercise following plastic surgery, or the what to expect from recovery in general, schedule an appointment with Dr. Stuart Baker at your earliest convenience.

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