Breast Lift and Areola Reduction Surgery By Stuart Baker on March 15, 2016

A woman placing her hand over her bare breastOver time, it's normal for a woman's breasts to lose firmness, whether from weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. Breast lift surgery can address breast sagging, improving breast firmness for a rejuvenated, perkier appearance. As the breasts lose elasticity, some may find the areola has also stretched. For women who are unhappy with breast sagging and areola size, breast lift surgery and areola reduction can be performed to improve the overall appearance of the breasts. To find out if breast lift and areola reduction are right for you, schedule a consultation with Decatur, IL plastic surgeon Stuart Baker. 

The Breast Lift Procedure

The breast lift procedure, also called mastopexy, was designed to rejuvenate the breasts by lifting and tightening sagging breast tissue. Breast lift surgery is not intended to reduce breast size, as with breast reduction, or restore volume, as with breast augmentation. However, breast lift surgery can be combined with other breast surgeries to address the goals of each patient.

The breast lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia and will take between one to four hours to complete. During the breast lift procedure, strategic incisions are made within the breast tissue. Excess skin and breast tissue is then removed. The skin is tightened, lifting the breasts and improving the profile of the bust line. The areolas and nipples will also be repositioned to match the lifted position of the breast tissue.

After breast lift surgery, patients can expect minor pain, bruising, and swelling. Some patients may also experience temporary numbness of the nipples and breast tissue. Compression garments should be worn during recovery to support the repositioned breast tissues and aid in healing.

The Areola Reduction Procedure

The areola reduction procedure can be performed alone or combined with breast lift surgery to produce defined, properly proportioned areolas in women who are unhappy with the appearance of oversized areolas. Areola reduction surgery is a simple procedure used to remove excess areola tissue. During the procedure, an incision is made around the areola. The same incision used to remove excess areola tissue may also be used to lift and tighten the breast when combined with breast lift surgery. 

When performed alone, areola reduction may be performed under local anesthesia in as little as an hour. A post-surgical bra should be worn to keep the breast tissues in place, improving comfort and aiding in healing. After areola reduction, patients may expect some bruising, swelling, and mild pain.

Candidates for Breast Lift with Areola Reduction

Women who would like to achieve a more youthful bust line and reduce the size of their areolas may benefit from combining areola reduction with breast lift surgery. Areola reduction can easily be combined with breast lift surgery to improve breast firmness and create proportionately sized areolas. Women who would also like to restore volume to their breasts may consider including breast augmentation with breast lift and areola reduction. In addition to having a desire to improve breast firmness and areola size, candidates for breast lift surgery and areola reduction should be healthy enough to undergo surgery and have a realistic expectation of what these procedures can achieve.

Schedule a Consultation

For more information about breast surgery, including breast lift and areola reduction, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Baker.

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