Why Choose the Areolar Breast Augmentation Incision? By Stuart Baker on October 15, 2015

Full-busted female holding the front of her braBreast augmentation enhances the size of a woman’s bust line, an area of the body that is often of particular concern to women, so it is no surprise that it is such a popular procedure. When patients come to Dr. Stuart Baker to learn more about breast augmentation, many are surprised to discover how many choices there are in regards to surgery. Each breast augmentation procedure will be unique depending on which type of breast implant is used and which incision technique is performed. One of the more commonly used incisions is the areolar incision. The areolar breast augmentation incision offers many benefits to our Decatur patients, but it is important to choose a technique that will meet each patient’s specific needs and desires. Here we discuss why many patients opt for the areolar incision for their breast augmentation surgery.

What Is the Areolar Incision?

The areolar incision is one of the most popular breast augmentation incisions, but many patients probably know this technique by another term, such as the donut incision or the nipple incision. Although it is often called the nipple incision, the technique does not directly affect the nipple, but rather encircles the areola. The areola is the darker pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple. The areolar incision is placed just on the outside of this pigmented skin. This grants Dr. Baker easy access to the breast, while leaving a scar that is less likely to be noticeable since it will lie outside of the areola area.

Benefits of the Areolar Incision

The areolar incision is a popular breast augmentation technique, and one that is frequently performed by Dr. Baker. The areolar incision meets the needs of many of our patients and provides a number of benefits that make it a favorable option. Below are some of the advantages of the areolar incision:

  • This incision allows for any of the implant placement locations (i.e. over the muscle, under the muscle, or partially under the muscle)
  • This incision provides enhanced control and surgical precision
  • This incision often heals well and leaves a light scar
  • The scar can be hidden beneath clothing
  • Many breast augmentation complications, such as capsular contracture and hematoma, can be corrected using this incision, so, should a complication occur, patients are unlikely to require a second incision site

Disadvantages of the Areolar Incision

While the areolar incision does provide a number of benefits, there are some drawbacks to consider as well. To place the breast implants using the areolar incision, it will be necessary to pass the implants through the milk ducts. Because the milk ducts harbor more bacteria, this may slightly increase the risk of an infection. Other risks, although minimal, include loss of nipple sensation and the loss of the ability to breastfeed. If these are big concerns for patients, Dr. Baker can discuss the option of the inframammary breast augmentation, which is another popular technique.

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Breast augmentation has helped countless women enhance their figure and regain their confidence. If you’d like to learn more about this popular cosmetic surgery procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Stuart Baker at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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