Which Type of Breast Implant Profile Is Right for You? By Stuart Baker on August 15, 2015

Close-up of a woman’s breasts, the nipples concealed by her hands, marked up for breast augmentation by a felt-tipped penWhen meeting with women who are interested in undergoing breast augmentation, Dr. Stuart Baker is careful to walk them through the many ways in which the procedure can be customized to meet their unique needs and goals. Many of these women are surprised by just how much control they have over the results of their breast augmentation. Some come in to their consultations with vague ideas of how they want their new breasts to appear - “larger, perkier, more youthful” - and leave knowing more about the anatomy of their breasts than they ever thought they would.

Among the factors that can have the greatest influence over the appearance of the final results of breast augmentation surgery are breast implant profiles. At our Champaign plastic surgery practice, Dr. Baker explains how different breast implant profiles will affect a patient’s appearance and advises her as to which is most likely to produce the best results according to her body frame and aesthetic goals. He goes through the potential benefits and drawbacks of each option so that the patient can make the most educated and confident decisions possible regarding her breast augmentation.

What are your breast implant profile options?

Breast implant profile refers to the angle at which the implant projects from the chest. While many people think of implants mostly in terms of size and shape, profile can have as profound an effect over a patient’s appearance after breast augmentation as either of these elements.

Breast implant profile can be divided into three basic categories:

  • Low: Low profile breast implants generally look more natural than moderate or high profile implants because they resemble how most natural breasts project from the chest. These are not the best choice for women whose primary goal is to have perkier breasts; however, for women who want to have larger breasts that complement their wider body frames or that do not radically alter the natural projection of their breasts, they may represent an ideal option.
  • Moderate: Moderate profile breast implants offer a compromise between the natural look of low profile implants and the gravity-defying look of high profile implants. They can make the breasts look fuller and the bust line look wider without giving the chest area an unduly artificial appearance.
  • High: For women who don’t mind if their augmented breasts project unnaturally high off of their chests, especially for their surgically enhanced size, high profile breast implants may represent the best option of all. This type of implant is definitely not for every patient; although many women enter consultations believing that they want high profile implants, most leave deciding upon moderate or even low profile implants. However, if your goal is to achieve the look of perfectly round breasts, this may be your implant profile of choice.

Learn More about Breast Implant Profiles

Which type of breast implant profile is right for you? Find out by meeting with Dr. Stuart Baker for a confidential, one-on-one consultation today.

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