Beauty Refined: The Mini Tummy Tuck Technique By Stuart Baker on October 21, 2014

Close up of a woman’s slender abdominal region after mini tummy tuck surgeryIn terms of its ability to refine and restore grace and definition to the body’s contours, there are few plastic surgery procedures as effective as the tummy tuck, more formally known as abdominoplasty. For the right candidates, tummy tuck surgery is able to transform the figure, making the abdominal region look more slender and trim, lending a more youthful and healthy appearance to the overall body.

At The Center for Cosmetic Medicine in Springfield, the mini tummy tuck technique is one of several abdominoplasty techniques we use to help patients achieve the precise looks they desire. The mini tummy tuck technique is especially well-suited to cases in which patients want to make just a few subtle changes to their figures, bringing their abdomens into improved proportion with the rest of their bodies rather than dramatically reinventing themselves. As with every procedure he performs, Dr. Stuart Baker customizes the mini tummy tuck to meet the unique needs and goals of each patient, producing results that will help him or her look great for years to come.

What is the mini tummy tuck technique?

As its name suggests, the mini tummy tuck is essentially a scaled down version of the traditional tummy tuck, entailing smaller incisions than those used in the latter surgery. While traditional tummy tuck surgery requires a long incision that extends from hip to hip and addresses the entire abdominal region, the mini tummy tuck technique involves a much smaller incision and addresses only the skin below the belly button.

During the mini tummy tuck, Dr. Baker makes an incision in the lower abdomen and lifts the skin. He then removes excess fatty tissues and tightens the underlying muscles. The skin is then pulled taut, and any excess is removed. The incision is sutured close, and surgical drains are placed to prevent the build-up of fluids in the treatment area and promote proper healing.

Although the mini tummy tuck procedure is less invasive than its traditional counterpart, it is still a major surgery that has associated risks and side effects. It is extremely important that patients follow the post-operative instructions provided to them by Dr. Baker to the letter to ensure the quickest, most comfortable recovery and best results possible. Although serious complications such as bleeding and infection are possible, as they are with any surgery, they are extremely rare. More common side effects include mild to moderate pain (which can be controlled with over-the-counter or prescription medication), numbness of the skin, and swelling and bruising.

Who is a candidate for a mini tummy tuck?

If you are at or near a healthy weight for your body type, but you have a bulge between your belly button and pubic region that you’d like to address, then mini tummy tuck surgery may be right for you. In order to be considered a suitable candidate for mini tummy tuck surgery, you should:

  • Be in reasonably good overall health, free from any autoimmune disorders that would make surgery risky.
  • Understand that tummy tuck surgery is not a weight loss procedure.
  • Have reasonable expectations of their results, which will be noticeable but relatively subtle compared to those possible with traditional tummy tuck surgery.
  • Be willing to follow all post-surgical instructions exactly as provided by Dr. Baker.
  • Understand that in order to maintain the results of your procedure, you will have to lead a healthy lifestyle after surgery.

Learn More about the Mini Tummy Tuck Technique

To learn more about the mini tummy tuck technique, please contact the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Stuart Baker today.

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