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Facelift Surgery Using the SMAS Technique

By Stuart Baker on May 17, 2014

SMAS Facelift TechniqueDr. Stuart Baker offers premier-quality facelift surgery using a variety of techniques, consistently producing elegant, refined, natural-looking results that last for years. At his world-renowned plastic surgery practice in Decatur, the SMAS facelift technique is just one of several that he uses to give his patients the facial rejuvenation they crave. He tailors each SMAS facelift to the individual needs and goals of each patient, taking into account his or her unique anatomy and layout of facial features. If you are dissatisfied with the signs of aging on your face, he can turn back the clock for you, too.

What Is “SMAS”?

SMAS is both the name of a facelift technique and a clinical term referring to the layer of tissues that lies under the superficial muscles of the lower face and neck and covers the deeper facial tissues. The acronym stands for sub-muscular aponeurotic system. The facelift technique that is named after this system of tissues is one of the most time tested among modern techniques, yet remains one of the most sophisticated and effective, especially in the treatment of the advanced signs of aging, including jowls and folds in the neck skin.

The SMAS facelift technique is also known as the deep plane facelift technique. This is because Dr. Baker reshapes the deeper tissues underlying the facial skin and superficial musculature, lifting it both upward and backward toward the ear, tightening it and reshaping it in the process. Treating these underlying layers allows Dr. Baker to produce more youthful-looking facial skin without any of the tell-tale signs of plastic surgery, such as visible scarring or an unnatural, pulled-back appearance to the skin. While more invasive than some other “mini” facelift techniques, the SMAS technique is potentially ideal for anyone who wants to elevate the cheek or midface area.

Dr. Baker usually combines SMAS facelift techniques with techniques that address the overlying skin and muscles to produce the most comprehensive facial rejuvenation results possible. Because this type of facelift involves both the superficial and deeper layers of facial tissues, results tend to be longer lasting than other techniques.

Candidacy for SMAS Facelift Surgery

The majority of patients who are interested in SMAS facelift surgery are suitable candidates for the procedure. In general, candidates for SMAS facelift surgery should:

  • Be in good overall health, since the procedure is a major, invasive surgery involving local or general anesthesia
  • Have realistic expectations of the procedure
  • Have sagging facial skin in the lower two-thirds of the face and the neck
  • Be willing and able to follow all pre- and post-surgical instructions provided by Dr. Baker
  • Be willing to lead a healthy lifestyle after surgery to ensure the longevity of their results

Patients must understand that facelift surgery performed using the SMAS technique addresses only the mid and lower face and neck. The procedure can be combined with other procedures, including eyelid surgery and brow lift, for more comprehensive results.

Learn More about SMAS Facelift Surgery

To learn more about SMAS facelift surgery, or to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Stuart Baker, please contact our plastic surgery center today.

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