Reasons for Breast Implant Revision By Stuart Baker on September 27, 2013

Decatur Breast Implant RevisionIf you’ve had breast augmentation surgery in the past, or are considering the plastic surgery for the first time, you might be wondering about breast implant revision surgery.

As your plastic surgeon should have discussed with you, breast implants are not lifetime devices. In fact, most warranties on implants are for only 10 years. When the implant wears out, or if you are no longer satisfied with the way they look, a secondary surgery can help restore the fullness and youthfulness that you desire.

Top 4 Reasons for Implant Revision

Women seek revision surgery for a variety of personal and sometimes medical reasons, but the four most common reasons are to:

  • Change the size of the implants
  • Switch the type of implant (saline or silicone)
  • Resolve complications from the previous implant surgery
  • Remove implants

Changing the implant size: The goal with any breast implant surgery is to select an implant size that suits your body frame and tissue characteristics. But even with proper planning, breast implants can need revision due to natural changes in the breast tissue, such as after childbirth and breastfeeding. Also, after the swelling from the first surgery subsides, many women end up desiring larger implants for more fullness. Other patients opt to decrease their original implant size. Secondary surgery to change the size of implants can be straightforward, but significant changes in size can require a more complicated procedure.

Switching the type of implant: Choosing saline or silicone implants is a personal decision that you make with the guidance of your surgeon. Women who are later dissatisfied with the type of breast implant originally used - because of the firmness of saline or because of safety concerns related to silicone - may elect to replace their implants with a different type.

Resolving complications: Possible complications that can prompt a secondary surgery include silicone rupture or leak, saline deflation or volume loss, visible implant rippling, capsular contracture (when scar tissue tightens around the implant), asymmetry, malposition or symmastia (when implants have shifted), nipple placement or size, and double-bubble deformity (when the implant has risen and the skin over-drapes the breast). Revision to correct a complication often requires complex surgical techniques.

Removing the implants: In rare cases, a serious medical condition or trauma can require that implants be removed. Removing breast implants is a relatively simple procedure and may be done through the same incisions as the original surgery. The procedure may be as short as one hour, depending on your medical condition.

Am I a Good Candidate?

As with any operation, your overall health will determine if it is safe for you to undergo the revision surgery. After a thorough evaluation of your medical history, a physical examination of your breast condition and tissues, and discussion of your concerns and expectations, your plastic surgeon can recommend whether revision surgery is appropriate for you.

Also, if you are planning to lose a lot of weight or are planning to become pregnant, be sure to tell your plastic surgeon during your consultation.

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Every woman deserves to feel attractive and confident. With breast implant revision, Dr. Baker can make the corrections needed to give you the shapely figure you desire. If you are considering breast implant revision surgery, we invite you to schedule a confidential consultation

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