The Cost of Facelift Surgery and Financing Plans By Stuart Baker on August 16, 2013

The Cost of Facelift Surgery and Financing PlansYou can do a whole lot on your own to keep yourself looking young and refreshed. For example, you can exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, stay well hydrated, and protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. There are some things that you won't be able to do on your own, however, which is why you would then go meet with skilled plastic surgery experts. Using their expertise, they can help you look years younger, and one great option for anti-aging is the facelift.

About Facelift Surgery

A facelift is a facial rejuvenation surgery that involves the tightening of the skin in the middle area of the face. By doing this, the wrinkles around the eyes and the sagging of the cheekbone area can be greatly reduced.

The Average Cost of Facelift Surgery

The facelift is an effective option for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction, but it is not inexpensive. The average cost of the facelift surgery can vary a great deal for a variety of reasons, however. In order to get a price that reflects your needs, it's important that you meet with a skilled plastic surgeon for a personal consultation. You can then receive a price quote with a full breakdown of expenses.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Facelift Surgery

Some of the factors that can affect the cost of your facelift include:

  • The location of the practice
  • The credentials and training of the plastic surgeons
  • The complexity of your case
  • The need for multiple surgeries or combined surgeries
  • Special surgical techniques used
  • Discounts or promotions at an individual practice

Does insurance cover facelift surgery?

By and large, facelift is not covered by health insurance. The facelift is considered cosmetic and elective in nature rather than medically necessary. If there is a reconstructive aspect to the surgery, it may be covered.

Even with the above in mind, it's not a bad idea to discuss possible insurance coverage with your cosmetic plastic surgeon and to check with your heath insurance provider just in case.

Financing Options for Facelift Surgery

Since the total cost of surgery can prove prohibitive for some, there are a number of different payment methods out there. One that's proved very helpful to many households is a financing/monthly installment plan.

Financing for cosmetic surgery procedures is handled like a credit card or a loan. A lending institution will pay for the total cost of your surgery upfront. You will then be obligated to pay back the total cost of the loan with interest to the lender on a monthly basis.

Making the Right Decision for Your Needs

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is one that shouldn't be taken lightly, and it's important that patients understand what the surgery entails and how payment for surgery will work. We will be more than happy to go over both such matters during your visit.

Learn More About Facial Plastic Surgery

If you would like to learn more about all of your options for advanced anti-aging treatment and aesthetic enhancement, be sure to contact our Decatur cosmetic plastic surgery center today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you make empowered decisions about your appearance and aesthetic care options.

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